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Poker Strategies BlogPoker strategies come in all shapes and forms. Do a quick search on major search engines and it soon becomes apparent that there are plenty of different poker strategies out there. That being said, each player needs to adapt each individual strategy to suit their style of game play. Trying to play a strategy created for and by someone else, generally does not work. A strategy could be anything from chip preservation when getting close to cashing in an online tournament, to getting much more aggressive in a ring game after a double up. That being said, most peoples strategies are based on set game plays during a game, such as three betting against weak opponents.

Online poker strategy is extremely important. Keeping focused for hours on end is certainly not an easy task. Having an advanced poker strategy in place will ensure that players keep playing to a certain standard and that they cash in on the weak players as much as possible. Online poker strategy is something that every player needs to learn in order to become successful in the long term. The players that do not use online poker strategies, tend to play loose, unpredictably and unsuccessfully, which usually ends in them becoming a “fish” (trying to make game plays happen that really will not, and generally being classed as a weak player).

Poker strategies – adjusting for online play

Poker Strategy BlogIf there is one huge error that experienced poker players make, it is thinking that they know it all. Thousands of online players have actually played in live poker rooms or casinos and think that online game play is exactly the same. This is certainly not the case and many of these players think that their advanced poker strategy will still work; well it will not!

One of the main things to consider online is that a lot of players have not had to commit themselves in order to be there. For this reason, players online tend to be a lot looser than if they had spend a 2 hour trip to their local casino for one tournament. Instead, if a player loses one tournament, they can enter another within minutes. That being said, some players play as they would in a casino. Players need to be able to adjust using poker strategies to ensure they take advantage of each individual player and try and gauge what they are thinking, without being able to see their facial expressions.


Poker Strategy MultitablingIf there is one good way to build a successful and bomb proof online poker strategy; it is experience. A lot of players jump in at the deep end and soon find themselves frustrated with the game play, or unable to keep up. For instance, many experienced online players will play 8 or more tournaments at a time, where as most live poker players can only play 1 at a time. Getting experience with real money poker games will help players to determine what works and what really does not relating to their overall poker strategies, allowing them to grow in the future.

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