Casino Royale

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144 min. – drama
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Written by: Neal Purvis
Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green

Casino Royale

The 21st film in the James Bonds series Casino Royale breaks ties from the previous films. James Bond played here by Daniel Craig sets about his first mission as Agent 007 even while earning his license to kill. He falls hard for Vesper Lynd who the boss, M, sends along with him to play a high-stakes poker game. His mission is to win back his money which will help him stay safe and bankrupt corrupt financier Le Chiffre at the same time. Winning this all important poker game could make or break his dangerous career and does not guarantee his safety and that of Vesper Lynd.

James Bond

The plot for Casino Royale reaches a high when that Texas hold ‘em game takes places at Casino Royale. It’s not fair to say that the movie is all about poker but the events that follow are all based on the outcome of that game. The British government hoped to bankrupt Le Chiffre in hopes that he will seek protection from them from the people he owes. Bond wins the tournament but Le Chiffre instead of acting as they hoped tortures Bond to get his winnings.

Daniel Craig surprises the critics who had doubts that he could fit into this role. He is charming, convincing and funny when he needs to be. The action scenes are more convincing than previous titles in the series and the storyline is very engaging. Another interesting change in this title is that there is less focus on gadgets with more emphasis being placed on the characters. The poker game has the longest set piece and is just as entertaining as the other action packed takes. If you’re a fan of the tune for the Bond theme you might be disappointed since they don’t play it enough in this movie.



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