Online Poker Addiction

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Addiction is something that has become more and more common throughout the online poker community over the last few years. As the popularity surrounding poker has increased, more and more people have found themselves chasing those pots of gold, even when they are not a particularly good player. What is even worse to consider is that many players could be great if they simply did not have a poker addiction. It is their poker addiction and frustration that is actually stopping them from becoming the great player that they could be.

Prevention is better than cure

Although many people may not think that they have an online poker addiction, it is much better to prevent it before it happens, before it actually develops. The problem is, many people find them in a downward spiral and by the time they realize that they are addicted it is too late. Monitoring spending in comparison to disposable income is a good way of deciding whether or not you are addicted. Alongside this, think about the last dozen times you played. Did you feel a feeling of excitement and self-joy when playing? Or did you feel frustrated and raring to put more and more money in, in order to recoup losses.

Knowing the symptoms

An online poker addiction can be extremely slight, but in many cases it can be extremely serious. Many people have effectively ruined their working lives and relationships simply by having an addiction to poker. One of the ways to test whether an addiction is present, is to decide to stop playing for 7 days. Those that feel addicted, will quickly realize how addicted there are during this off period, depending on how much they feel the need to play. Another of signs of poker addictions is determine when poker is being played. Is it played through boredom, or simply when drinking, or maybe even when you are upset? This may feel like a great way to get out some frustration that the bad times of life are currently bringing, but this is just the start of the addiction and it certainly will not go away on its own.

Another thing to consider is how much money is being spent on online poker. For instance, a person that has $1,000 of spare cash after being paid every single week, is not particularly over spending if they are putting in $50-100 for a bit of fun. On a similar note though, someone spending what ever they can get their hands on and that makes trade offs in every day life in order to fund their online poker addiction symptoms are certainly going to need help before they really ruin their lives in the long term.


There are many methods of treatment when it comes to an online poker addiction. The first thing to do is to admit that you have an addiction and that you are going to do something about it. Most people find it embarrassing to admit, but they tend to talk to a close friend or family member and explain the struggle they are going through, but that the only reason they have mentioned it is because they want to change. Treatment for online poker addiction will vary depending on the individual. For instance, one player might be happy to simply ban all of their accounts and close all communication with poker websites and take up another hobby. For others, poker might be a replacement for a loved one or a recent problematic relationship, in which case it might be that general councilling might be the best option. What ever the route of the problem, or how hard it might seem to fix, there are always options and it is never too late.


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