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The Sting

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(1973) 129 min. - comedy Directed by: George Roy Hill Written by: Davis S. Ward Starring: Paul Newman, Robert Redforf Johnny Hooker a young and aspiring con-man looks to Luther to help him refine his trade. They managed to pull a con job where they net $11,000 from the courier of a mobster numbers runner. They didn’t know this at the time and the boss, Lonnegan, considering this a personal attack orders their death. A crooked cop, Snyder, catches up with Hooker and demands a payoff to not Read more [...] Tags: 

A Big Hand for the Little Lady

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(1966) 95min. - comedy Directed by: Fielder Cook Written by: Sidney Carrol Starring: Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward On the way to San Antonio, Texas a couple and their son have some problems with their wagon and is force to make a stop in Laredo. The husband, a recovering gambler, gets wind of a big poker game in town and decides to join in even though he is not the very best poker player. Betting all his family’s money on the game he has a heart attack when the stakes rises and signals to his Read more [...] Tags: 

California Split

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(1974) 108 min. - comedy Directed by: Robert Altman Written by: Joseph Walsh Starring: George Segal, Elliott Gould, Ann Prentiss A love of gambling leads to a budding friendship between two friends Bill Denny and Charlie Waters. Charlie loves to gamble and is always on the lookout for the next score. Bill at first was not as enthusiastic but eventually gets there. He eventually becomes addicted to gambling and goes into debt. He plans a trip to Reno and pawns some of his possessions in order to Read more [...] Tags: 


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(1994) 127 min. - comedy Directed by: Richard Donner Written by: William Goldman Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner Maverick starring Mel Gibson is a recreation of the TV Show Maverick from the 1950’s starring James Garner (who played sheriff Zane Cooper in the movie). Maverick loves to gamble and although he’s from the old west he would rather gamble and con others than fight. The show centers around some of Maverick’s misfortunes as he’s on the way to a big five-card draw Read more [...] Tags: