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The Cincinnati Kid

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(1965) 102 min. - drama Directed by: Norman Jewison Written by: Richard Jessup, Ring Lardner Jr. Starring: Steve McQueen Eric Stoner, aka "The Kid," a young poker player wants to take on Lancey Howard, “The Man,” a master poker player.  Despite warnings from his friend Shooter not to take on Howard the Kid decides to play. Before the game is played Howard plays against William Jefferson Slade with Shooter as the dealer. Howard comes out victorious taking Slade’s pride and his $6,000. Slade Read more [...] Tags: 


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(1998) 121min. - drama Directed by: John Dahl Written by: Brian Koppelman, David Levien Starring: Matt Damon, Edward Norton The 1998 film Rounders gives some insight into the underground world of high-stakes poker. Matt Damon and Edward Norton are the main characters who need to resort to playing poker in order to pay off a debt. The movie is so titled because a rounder is someone who travels from place to place in search of high-stakes cash games. The popularity of Texas hold 'em and other poker Read more [...] Tags: 

House of Games

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(1987) 102 min. - drama Directed by: Davit Mamet Written by: Davit Mamet, Jonathan Katz Starring: Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna, Mike Nussbaum Margaret Ford is a famous psychologist who gets sucked into the world of gambling and poker. In an attempt to help one of her patients get out of debt Margaret visits a local pool hall and bar called the House of Games and makes an agreement with Mike to whom the debt is owed. She agrees to accompany him to a high stakes poker game and spot the “tell” Read more [...] Tags: