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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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(1998) 107 min. - thriller Directed by: Guy Ritchie Written by: Guy Ritchie Starring: Jason Fleming, Dexter Fletcher, Jason Statham, Nick Moran After a crooked game of three card brag goes bad four lads wind up in debt to an East End hard man. After over hearing their next door neighbors prepare a plot to rob some drug growers they decide to rob them in return. The simple plot thickens and draws the viewers in as two double barreled antique shotguns from another scam makes its way into the main Read more [...] Tags: 

Casino Royale

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(2006) 144 min. - drama Directed by: Martin Campbell Written by: Neal Purvis Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green The 21st film in the James Bonds series Casino Royale breaks ties from the previous films. James Bond played here by Daniel Craig sets about his first mission as Agent 007 even while earning his license to kill. He falls hard for Vesper Lynd who the boss, M, sends along with him to play a high-stakes poker game. His mission is to win back his money which will help him stay safe and bankrupt Read more [...] Tags: