The Sting

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129 min. – comedy
Directed by: George Roy Hill
Written by: Davis S. Ward
Starring: Paul Newman, Robert Redforf

The Sting

Johnny Hooker a young and aspiring con-man looks to Luther to help him refine his trade. They managed to pull a con job where they net $11,000 from the courier of a mobster numbers runner. They didn’t know this at the time and the boss, Lonnegan, considering this a personal attack orders their death.


A crooked cop, Snyder, catches up with Hooker and demands a payoff to not turn him in to Lonnegan. Hooker gives him the money and tries to give Luther the heads up but it is too late since Luther is viciously murdered. Hooker seeks the help of Henry Gondorf a great con-man and friend of Luther to avenge his death. They assemble a gang and execute their revenge in a plot that will keep viewers enthralled to the very end.

The Sting today is still one of Hollywood’s best movie build around poker and gambling. While the plot moves away from poker and gambling scenes they still form the very essence of the movie.

If you’re in the mood for an entertaining crime-comedy oldie this movie is definitely a great choice. With great acting from Newman and Redford there is really no stand out characters but the clever plot filled with unexpected surprises more than make up for it. The complexity of the con will keep you guessing and the staying power of the plot on your memory is certainly something to add. Watching the movie a second time really emphasizes how well thought out the plot really is. Definitely worth watching a couple times!


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