Free Poker Money

Get free money for poker no deposit required

Free Poker MoneyOver the last few years, there have been an influx of people wanting to play online poker for money. This is certainly not a surprise, as this industry offers immense excitement for players alongside the chance to win thousands and thousands “if they play their cards right”. Of course, a lot of people want to get started on a small scale and in some cases without actually depositing any cash. Luckily, there is a lot of competition in this industry, so a lot of poker rooms will offer free money for poker to players in order to get them to sign up. This free poker money, no deposit required, has helped to make poker what it is today, as more and more players sign up and get involved with the action.

What is Free Money Poker

Free bonus from online poker room no deposit required

Free Money PokerFree money poker should be differentiated from “play money”. Play money is usually “virtual” chips that essentially, do not exist. So when a player actually wins a hand in a ring game, or a prize in a cash game, they are not actually credited with real cash. Free money poker is different. The player will be rewarded with a bonus which goes directly into their user real money account. They can use this real money to enter ring games, multi table tournaments and sit and go tournaments; depending on the restrictions that the bonus has.

Types of Free Poker Money

No deposit bonuses and free bankrolls no deposit required

Essentially, there are two different types of free poker money: no deposit poker bonuses and free bank rolls provided by a third party provider:

  1. No Deposit Poker Bonuses

    Generally, these are offered by the poker room. By offering free money, the poker room ensures that the player gets involved and experiences the action. They assume that they will recoup their initial loss leader in the long term as the player starts to pay rake on tournaments. Generally, the player will need to sign up for a real money account and they will be rewarded with cash. Sometimes there are certain restrictions for what the money can actually be used for. For instance, a some of online poker rooms tend to restrict the free money no deposit required bonus being used to multi table tournaments only or certain limits.

  2. Free Poker Bankrolls

    Free BankrollOnline poker rooms reward websites that refer new players to them. To ensure that they can refer as many players as possible, a lot of website based referrers offer new players a free no deposit bonus from their own pocket. They have to make sure first that the players won't lose the bankroll straight away so some of these bankroll providers need players pass poker quiz before they can claim the bankroll because the more player plays the more these providers earn. It's a win win situation for both player and bankroll provider.

Advantages of Free Money for Poker

Build your bankroll for free

Build Your Poker Bankroll for FreeThe obvious advantage of free poker money is that no deposit is required. Lucky players can actually build up a bank roll from their initial bonus and will never need to deposit in the future. It allows new players to experience the world of online poker without actually having to risk any of their own cash.

Disadvantages of Free Money Poker

Most of the offers feature small amount and have restrictions

Of course, the main disadvantage of free money for poker is that gambling can be extremely addictive. By playing with free money for poker, players could find themselves depositing nearly every single week. Alongside this, the no deposit bonuses tend to be small, around $10, which is essentially nothing in terms of bankroll for the experienced player. They are likely to need more if they want to build up a sufficient bank roll.

Free Money - Yes or Not?

Get Poker CashFree money for poker are still worth it!

For those players that want the extra rush and are bored of “play money" online poker, a free poker money no deposit could be what they need to determine if they really want to get involved with online poker. Better still, they will not need to deposit a thing!