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Online Poker FreerollsOver the last few years, there have been an influx of people wanting to play online poker for money. This is certainly not a surprise, as this industry offers immense excitement for players alongside the chance to win thousands and thousands “if they play their cards right”. Of course, a lot of people want to get started on a small scale and in some cases without actually depositing any cash. Luckily, there is a lot of competition in this industry, so a lot of poker rooms will offer free poker money to players in order to get them to sign up. This free poker money, no deposit required, has helped to make poker what it is today, as more and more players sign up and get involved with the action.

What Are Online Poker Freerolls?

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Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Online poker freerolls are tournaments that are free to enter, but still have cash prizes. The poker room will foot the bill for the prize pool, which is an extremely exciting opportunity for any player. The best poker freerolls can have a prize pool of $1000 or more in some cases, so there is plenty of cash to be one. For instance, 888 Poker provide 888 poker freerolls with a prize pool of $500 every single week. 770 Poker provides 770 monthly poker freerolls with a prize pool of $1000. Nearly every single online poker room will offer freerolls on a weekly basis, if not much more frequently.

Advantages & Disadvantages

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Online Poker Freeroll ProgressThe great thing about freeroll poker sites is that players have the chance to learn what it is like to risk all their chips on a hand and eventually end up with a prize if they play correctly and with a little bit of luck. They are the next step up from play money and allow players to start to see how game play changes as the “stakes” get higher.

Of course, online poker freerolls are not without their disadvantages. The reality is that even though the prize pools look big, the prizes tend to be fairly small. For instance, the average $500 tournament may get 10,000 entries, and many times those that only just make it past the bubble (get into the cash) will receive as little as $0.10. As these tournaments take a lot of hours to play (6 hours or longer in most cases) a lot of the time the reward is hardly worth the time.

Types of Poker Freerolls

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Free SatellitesThere are a range of different tournaments on offer on a range of different online poker websites. For instance, many of the tournaments will be basic cash prizes, like the one mentioned above. That being said, some poker websites are now introducing a lot of freerolls that offer seats to much larger seats. Essentially, the freeroll is used as a qualification round for a much bigger tournament. This can sometimes lead to much bigger prizes, especially if the player needs to play multiple tournaments to reach their prize.

Other freerolls include those that have been designed to award players and are invitation only. For instance, PokerStars offers a monthly TLB (table leader board) tournament and the top players get invited to play; the prize pool tends to be extremely large.

Best Poker Freerolls

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VIP TournamentsChoosing the best poker freerolls is certainly not an easy task. Regardless of the calibre of the player, online poker freerolls tend to be full of loose and aggressive players, which makes it hard to players to use their normal game play strategy. Of course, the standard freeroll that is open to any player is likely to be the one that people get involved with then most, as they are on the most frequent basis. That being said, advanced players should aim to qualify for “closed” or “invitation only” free tournaments. Not only do they tend to have a much bigger prize pool, but they also tend to have a lot less players in them as well. This means that the prize that each successful player receives is going to be much, much bigger!