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Play Poker for Fun - Play MoneyNowadays, anyone even those of age of lower than 18 years or those players in which country is real money poker illegal, can easily play poker for fun. Poker online just for pure fun is something that it becoming bigger and bigger by the day. A lot of people getting a rush from outwitting their opponent and have no real desire to deposit (or win) any cash. That being said, players that are looking to play poker with real money in the near future should consider using the free online poker games for fun, as they will help beginners to start to develop some skills that will be useful in real money poker play.

Finding a place to play poker for fun is not exactly a difficult challenge. All of the leading poker rooms allow players to get involved instantly. For instance, the larger and most well known poker rooms allow players to get involved with play money ring games, but also tournaments as well. Players can experience what real money players experience, just without the risk or reward. Remember though, when a player plays poker games for fun, it is likely they are not playing at their full potential, as they have nothing to lose or gain. For this reason, real money poker games are a lot different!

Where To Start with Poker For Fun

Why are real money poker rooms the ideal place to play?
Play Poker for Fun Room

Even for players that are looking to get involved with poker online for fun will benefit from going with a well known room, rather than a small operator, or somewhere like Face Book. This is because the software is much higher quality, not to mention that the random card generators are much more realistic. The games on the top online poker sites are much fairer in comparison to many of the other games that focus on free play only.

Disadvantages of Poker Online for Fun

Poker games for fun are not true representaion of real money poker
Poker Games for Fun are Crazy

There is no doubt that being able to play free poker online for fun is certainly an interesting experience. That being said, this is not a completely true representation of real money play. With nothing to risk and nothing in terms of reward, many people play much more aggressively than they usually would.

For instance, if a player was in a $215+rake tournament, would they really be going all in with 2,2 when they have a full starting stack? The answer is probably not, but as they have nothing to risk or to gain, they want to just double up quickly. This is not to say that free online poker for fun should not be played, it is just that players should not hone their skills based on the way that players are playing during these games, as they are likely to be a lot looser and more aggressive than in a real money tournament or ring game.

Options besides poker rooms

Poker just for fun at Facebook and similar websites less realistic

Facebook PokerPoker rooms are not the only places that players can play poker for fun on the internet. Nowadays, social media websites such as Face Book have incorporated a game section into their website. This means that people can interactively play online poker games for fun against many other players. Alongside this, there are lots of flash based game websites that also offer poker for free. Of course, these games are unrealistic and they tend to get over loaded as more and more players login, so a real money poker room is going to be a much better option.

Winning Real Money for Fun!

Play free poker games online for fun and win real money

Poker WinnerThere are opportunities for players to play online poker for fun, but still to win money. As a registered player, many poker rooms will offer players the chance to enter poker freerolls and there are also certain poker rooms that offer free money poker. Essentially, these prize pools and bonuses are paid for by the poker room in order to get people interested in playing for real money in the future. It allows for an opportunity to play poker online for fun, deposit nothing, but still win some cash!