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Best Online Poker SitesChoosing from the best online poker sites is certainly not an easy task. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of different platforms to choose from. Determining the best poker sites from the list of top poker sites is something that can be done on an individual basis. For instance, a high stakes experienced player might focus more on the quality of the high stake multi table tournaments. Therefore, the best online poker sites for this player would be the one with the biggest range of large tournaments.

On the other hand, there are lots of other variables to consider before choosing the top poker sites. For instance, each player prefers a different style of play. Cake Poker for instance, is well known for being extremely soft play, so easy to get deep into tournaments. That being said, the range of tournaments on offer is fairly limited. Alongside this, many people will focus on the legality in their country (PokerStars does not allow US players) and the safety aspect of playing on line in terms of payment and security.

Best Poker Sites

Which are the best online poker rooms?
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Regardless of the specific preferences of the player, the top poker sites remain unchanged. There is no doubt that more and more players are choosing PokerStars as their poker room of choice. On the average time on an average day, there will be in excess of 150,000 players online. Alongside this there will be thousands of tournaments running, not to mention thousands of ring games as well. Even the $1 MTT tournaments here tend to have prize pools in excess of $5,000, which is what makes it so popular. That being said, PartyPoker, Cake and even 888.com could all be classed as top poker sites, even though they are not as large.

The best online poker rooms can be found by looking at a range of different variables. Check the right column for the latest list of the best poker sites according to all the important variables. Just like how many real money players are online, the range of tournaments, the stakes that they facilitate, payment facilities, bonuses and the quality of the software. All of these things help to make a poker room one of the best, or far from the best; so we took the time when evaluating each site!

Free Poker First!

Take real money poker step by step

Best Poker Sites Online FreeMany people believe that once they have determined the top poker sites and have started the sign up process, it is too late to change their mind. That is completely not true. The reality is that any individual can assess a poker room and change their mind and play elsewhere. The best way to get used to the software and to determine whether the site is suitable is to get started with play money - play poker games for fun. It allows players to get involved with some action, see how fast the software runs, see how many players are online but also see what tournaments are on offer. After doing this, they can decide whether or not this poker room is really ideal, or whether there is a much better option available to them.

Remember, even experienced players will benefit from playing with play money or free poker money no deposit. If anything, it will allow them to get used to the platform and software, so that they do not make any costly errors during the real money game play, which is something that many players do on a regular basis!